Telenet Business and SQLTreeo intensify collaboration

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Telenet Business, Belgium's leading system integrator and Managed Services Provider, and SQLTreeo, the managed-service multi-platform database service provider in the Benelux, intensify the cooperation aimed at providing state-of-the-art and cost-efficient solutions for database management for customers in Belgium.

Just as in the rest of the world, Belgium is increasingly opting for the use of database management solutions in the IT Infrastructure. Both profit and non-profit organizations in Belgium are increasingly seeing the benefits of using managed services on database platforms to host and manage their data.

About Nextel / Telenet Business

From 1 november 2019, NEXTEL NV will begin providing its services under the commercial trade name Telenet Business.

Telenet Business, Telenet’s B2B division is here to serve all companies, government entities and organizations in Belgium, large and small. The basic services include professional solutions for internet, digital TV, and mobile and landline telephony. Additionally, Telenet Business also offers IT solutions such as hosting, cloud computing and security.

Telenet Business and SQLTreeo complement each other strongly. Telenet Business is a successful player in the areas of connectivity and data security. Combined with the know-how of an Managed Service Database specialist like SQLTreeo, with more than 20 Database specialists, together we can now offer the business customer broader, total solutions.

About SQLTreeo

Since 1998, SQLTreeo has been providing solutions for SQL Databases through its in-house developed tools and managed services for their clients in the daily use of their database environment. They have worked from government departments and healthcare providers, to financial services and energy companies. SQLTreeo’s vision is to maintain its reputation as a top-10 database solutions provider. Our highly skilled developers and Database Administrators (DBAs) support our customers’ daily needs from offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. We are continually finding innovative ways to help businesses grow and be more sustainable

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