Denit and SQLTreeo partnership

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Multicloud specialist Denit and managed database expert SQLTreeo will collaborate more intensively. The organizations developed a new service that ensures error-free, reliable databases and more stable applications. No superfluous luxury, as practice shows.

From production data to likes, the importance of data for modern business cannot be overestimated. Reliable databases are needed to make that data accessible. Database administrators monitor the database architecture and ensure proper integration with other applications. Yet many companies do not employ a database administrator. As a result, poorly maintained databases that cause problems in the connection with other applications.

An innovative solution

Finding a database administrator is quite a challenge due to the shortage on the labor market. “Hiring a database administrator costs a lot of money, while it is not always a full-time position. Usually no more than a few hours a week or a few weeks a year, "said David Hut, CTO of Denit. Reason for Denit and SQLTreeo to develop a new service: the virtual database administrator, or VDBA. The VDBA combines human expertise with SQL monitoring software and various usable modules for database maintenance.

More stable applications

According to Hut, the VDBA is certainly not reserved for companies that have problems with their databases. “Our goal is to identify potential errors early, before they become a problem for the customer. Even in current, trouble-free production environments, a VDBA can provide more stable applications. ”Hut emphasizes that the VDBA is also very suitable for companies that already employ a database administrator. "Think of the holidays, for example, or when you need an extra pair of hands, or want to use a certain SQL expertise that you don't have in-house."

Old acquaintances

To realize this service, Denit worked closely with database expert SQLTreeo. "Our relationship with SQLTreeo goes back more than 20 years, when I met Danny Riebeek, CEO of SQLTreeo, within a project," said Hut. “We started working together in the years that followed and that worked out well on both sides. SQLTreeo has the right expertise and work culture to further intensify this collaboration. ”

Successes achieved

The VDBA is in a longer line of database collaboration between both organizations. Hut tells about one of the first success stories. A Denit customer seemed to have problems with his retail software but this turned out not to be the true cause. "When we conducted a survey, we discovered that the problem was more about the database than about the software." Every time the customer wanted to prepare a status report, the database crashed. Together with SQLTreeo, Denit found the solution: the reports are now executed outside the production infrastructure. With a satisfied customer as a result. And that is what Hut says. "We continue to work closely together and develop with SQLTreeo so that we can help our customers even better."

About Denit

Denit is a hosting company from Amsterdam, founded in 1999. Denit specializes in custom hosting solutions for complex, mission-critical applications ranging from Managed Hosting to a complete Cloud Computing and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) portfolio. With over 35 talented employees, Denit serves a large number of SME’s and large corporate customers in many sectors. Denit makes the translation between the technical possibilities and their use in highly reliable, scalable and secure solutions.

Denit manages and operates its own network and cloud infrastructure, and is among the top three providers in the Netherlands in terms of uptime. All hosting solutions are 100% Dutch. The services of Denit are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified. Denit is an active member of the DHPA (Dutch Hosting Provider Association) and they are Enterprise Service Provider Partner of VMware.

About SQLTreeo

Since 1998, SQLTreeo has been providing solutions for SQL Databases through its in-house developed tools and managed services for their clients in the daily use of their database environment. They have worked from government departments and healthcare providers, to financial services and energy companies. SQLTreeo’s vision is to maintain its reputation as a top-10 database solutions provider. Our highly skilled developers and Database Administrators (DBAs) support our customers’ daily needs from offices in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. We are continually finding innovative ways to help businesses grow and be more sustainable.

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