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Which SSMS versions are supported?

The SQLTreeo Add-in is continuously adapting to the Microsoft SSMS software. Any major version release is quickly followed up in the weeks thereafter.
Any SSMS version from 2005 and up is supported, Keep into consideration that not all features or functionalities are compatible with every version.
For more information regarding this topic please refer to: https://www.sqltreeo.com/docs?id=195 

What if i have multiple versions of SSMS on the same station?

Upon installing the software automatically detects the versions of SQL Server Management Studio available and sets the appropriate settings for each version.
This method makes it possible enjoy the SQLTreeo software on any version without long and bothersome installations and settings.

Is it possible to move my license to another workstation?

The SQLTreeo Add-in license is designed with flexibility in mind,  licenses are no longer bound to a specific workstation and can be moved freely from one to another.
For detailed steps on this topic please refer to : https://www.sqltreeo.com/docs?id=217 

What to do when the software is not working?

It is possible in some scenarios that the software shows unexpected behaviour. In most cases company security or other addons can interflict with the SQLTreeo software.

SQLTreeo Add-in generates log files for troubleshooting in case any faults are encountered in the process which contains helpful information to us. The location of the log files are by default in the following path: C:\Users\%username%\SQLTreeo\Logs for older versions it can also show in Appdata\local\Sqltreeo.

send a support request to servicedesk@sqltreeo.com with a detailed as possible description on how to reproduce the error.

-try disabling other addons if present

-switch storage mode

-reinstall (if upgraded from older version remove it completely prior to installing new version) this only applies to versions below 0.8.9.

send the information with screenshots/videos/error messages.

-attach details on SSMS version/SQLTreeo version/ and OS Version.

How do I upgrade my license with the Compare feature?

The compare feature is a extension on a license of any type.

It helps to deploy code faster to other servers, find differences in code which is easy to use.

to upgrade a license , navigate to the store window and select the license for purchase. after this you can send a email to servicedesk@sqltreeo.com to enable the extension.

When purchased together it will.automatically be enabled on the first license.

Do you have any volume licensing pricing packages

Yes, we offer volume pricing packages. Please note that any volume pricing is single-purchase-based; previously purchased or planned purchases of licenses are not considered.


  1. Please send your request with details of requested volume to sales@sqltreeo.com for more information.

Can i get an invoice with our PO number

Yes. When you log into www.sqltreeo.com you can go to license or purchase history and select the license(s) you purchased. There you can generate your invoice.

Can i get an offer. I need this for creating a PO number

You can create the offer in the purchase screen. Press the button create a quote to customize your offer. you can enter your PO number or any other reference. You can send it via email or download the offer directly. Full self service.

Do i have to buy new licenses to update to the latest SQLTreeo version

No, you buy a time based license. During that period you can always upgrade without any extra charge.

Where can i download the latest versions

To download the latest version of any of our products:

Go to https://www.sqltreeo.com/downloads.

Can i assign specific rights to users

SQLTreeo monitoring allows Administrators to assign roles and corresponding rights to users or usergroups. There is no limit to the amount of users assigned.


  1. Login to your Monitoring environment. You see the Dashboard of your environment
  2. Click on the left on "Configuration"
  3. Click on "Users" (on the left bottom).
    1. Here you see all assigned users to your environment
    2. To change the rights per user, click on the grey button on the right. You can chose Edit, Disable, Remove, impersonate)
    3. Select "Edit" to adjust user rights
    4. Follow step 6
  4. Click on "Add user"
  5. Fill in user details
  6. Select usergroup. Usergroups are predefined rights on actions.
    • If you want to create your own usergroup click on the Arrow next to "Users"
    • Select "user groups"
    • Select "Add user group"
    • Complete the fields
    • Click "Save"
    • Click on "Access Rights"
      • Now you can choose which rights are alligned with specific actions
  7. Click "Save".

There is a short video: “How to assign rights to users”.

Where can we download the SSMS AddIn manual to setup dynamic folders

The dynamic folders functionality is integrated in SSMS ADDIN, and available for everyone using SSMS 2016 or higher and is running on SQLTreeo V0.8.6 or higher. There is no documentation on dynamic folders.  

There is no manual available. The process is very easy

What is SQLTreeo Monitoring Software

SQLTreeo Monitoring is a cloud based software solution provided as SaaS; what you see is what you get. No long installations and configurations, all you need to do is to install an agent in your environment and add your SQL servers, that’s it. With SQLTreeo Momitoring you have instant access to all relevant information to keep your MSSQL server healthy and with maximum performance. It is designed for DBAs, by DBAs! Drillling into details of job or backup histries simplifies your time spent searching for answers! Why not try it yourself for 14 days?   Watch the YouTube videohere!

What is the added value of SQLTreeo Monitoring compared to SSMS

Your MSSQL database has all information available for you to optimize performance and solve incidents. However, SSMS is simply too limited to show that information and the way to retrieve the information you need via SSMS is time consuming and can lead to several manual interactions to get information. (Reading error logs, checking the job activity monitor to see if your jobs have failed or succeeded, writing long scripts or check db for db if your backups have completed successfully, etc). Via SQLTreeo Monitoring you see all the important information you need on a daily basis. No need for manual interactions anymore, just open the dashboards and you will have the information you want to see within seconds. All this information is displayed in an intuitive way, using hovering and drill-down techniques, and the use of colors and icons in dashboards.

Does SQLTreeo Monitoring store sensitive data

SQLTreeo Monitoring does not store any company-sensitive or user-related data. The agent “only“ executes a number of queries at given intervals in your environment, and polling your server every few seconds to see if there has been any changes since the last poll. The information being retrieved from system tables will be sent to your browser(interface). Sensitive data is neither stored nor replicated or sent. All the data is only accessible within your environment. So, in one sentence: SQLTreeo enables you to access all your SQL Server information you need to discover bottlenecks, create awareness for server health, and be notified in case something goes wrong.

Does SQLTreeo Monitoring take backups

SQLTreeo Monitoring does not backup; that is your responsibility.What SQLTreeo does show are the history and status of backups per server. It also allows you to drill down into detailed data about the backup based on time intervals you select. This provides insight of that status of any backup.

What types of dashboard does SQLTreeo Monitoring provide

SQLTreeo has several types of dashboards which are specific in its purpose. The dashboards are topic related.

  • Server dashboard, which show the status of your server. In case something is wrong it will be displayed as such (green/orange/red) and it will give you the indication for why your server is in that state.
  • Jobs dashboards provide all the information you need for checking history execution, run times, status, disabled, retrying and such.
  • Backups dashboards gives insight in server backups per database. It shows - in a very short time - the status of your backup plans, failed, outdated backups, logs not created, and you can easily filter out the root cause of failures and create backups to fix it.
  • Alerting dashboards
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Replication dashboards

What about alerts in SQLTreeo Monitoring

Alerts are setup as default but with the many thresholds provided you simply click and select the required alerts and thresholds you need to monitor your MS SQL Server. Thresholds are created to help you monitor your environment. Each DBA knows there are a few things that need to be taken care of: Make sure backups are made, disks have enough free space, no blocking queries, or long running transactions, log usage of your database, jobs that failed etc. Thresholds can be configured with conditions. SQLTreeo has created many thresholds which are close to what a DBA daily monitor. And you have SQL Server performance counters to specify certain areas of your server for monitoring. Values indicate on which value a condition is triggered. For example disks are triggered CRITICAL when >90% utilization, send a warning. When 90%<’status’>50% and only if it’s that state for more than X minutes, send a warning.  Once the disk is below 50% , send a message: status = ‘clear’) Once a threshold Is triggered it will be shown in your dashboard, beeps a notification on your interface and sends an e-mail to the users that have subscribed to that servergroup/environment/usergroup/action. When clicking on the red icon you immediately see the reason and you can take actions.This saves you a lot of time, instead of getting a call from someone saying the disks are full and you have to figure out which server, which disk, what is the root cause (error log ), go to server and remove unneeded files or such. This takes up a lot of time, with SQLTreeo monitoring it will take only seconds, avoiding this call you otherwise would have received. Because now you know when an issue is going to occur.

What do i need to install to work with SQLTreeo Monitoring

SQLTreeo Monitoring is a cloud based monitoring solution which implies no programming. The only thing you need to do is download and install SQLTreeo Agent which acts as broker between SQL server and our software. Here is the YouTube Video how to do it!  

What limitations are there for SQLTreeo Monitoring Users

SQLTreeo monitoring supports an unlimited number of users. You, the SQLTreeo Monitoring administrator can assign roles to users and invite them to look to the live monitoring of a specific database. You can consult a colleague, for example for a second opinion or comments. The integrated chat function allows you to have instant communication without being in the same location. You can assign users with specific permissions on what actions they can do (show, add, delete, modify) on all the screens in your interface; if you don’t want testers to make changes on production environment or give them any insight you can only show them what they need to see.

Want to know how to add users and assign roles in SQLTreeo Monitoring? Watch the video here.

Which security standards does SQLTreeo follow

SQLTreeo monitoring security standards are documented here.

Why did you develop your own monitoring solution

Some of our DBA friends have asked us why we spent time and resources for developing this SQL Monitoring Platform \, because there are already so many. Well we thought that we would share our answer with you as well: there isn't any which is 10% dedicated to the needs of a MSSQL DBA for a reasonable price! Back in the days when all our energy went to managing databases for clients - before we created our own products, we used other brand tools and software to monitor and inform us. But it frustrated us as DBAs that each monitoring solution we looked at seems not to be developed by database administrators. What we, for example, missed is to easy access in-depth real time data and wanted to understand to detail what happened with a failing job. It is one of many specific features that DBAs need. Of course we tried every other solution that were available, but none filled these needs. We simply could not find a suitable, affordable solution which offered what we, as database administrators, were looking for! Most renown platforms are heavy, on premise and enterprise licensed, with extreme license and implementation costs. But above all not dedicated for database administrators.

Why is SQLTreeo Monitoring so attractively priced


We really think that cloud based database monitoring licensing is the opposite of "old school" on-premise licensing.

  • Our software license model is based on the number of your MSSQL instances;
  • Our base module is extremely features-rich;
  • Our additional two models are for specific use and are fixed priced;
  • Our support is 365 days a year and free of charge;
  • Our license model is based on instant purchase; no contracts or investments required.

Contact sales@sqltreeo.com if you require more information.

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