Microsoft Azure

SQL Servers and Databases
in the Cloud

Protect yourself against Ransomware

When ransomware hits your business:

  • On premises backups are infected
  • Compromised servers have to be shut down (and kept down).
  • Infrastructure is infected.
  • High Availability configurations like Clusters, Loadbalancers and Availability groups are infected
  • In reality, you have to shut down all your servers and databases immediately.
  • You have to install new Active Directories, File servers, Application Servers, Database servers
  • Unless you increase your availability

Increase your availability.

protect your business by placing parts of your infrastructure in the cloud where hackers will not be able to get access to those services. Here are a few tips where we can help you with:

  • Make database backups in the Cloud.
  • Use SQL Server on a Virtual Machine in the Cloud.
  • Use SQL Managed Instance in Azure.
  • or use SQL Database in Azure.
  • SQLTreeo has extensive experience with setting your environment up in the Cloud.
  • You can start small and decide to expand later

SQL Database in Azure

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, scalable, relational database service built for the cloud

  • Fully-managed
  • Flexible and responsive
  • Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR)
  • Built-in AI and built-in high availability
  • Geo-replication
  • Automatic tuning
  • Automated backups
  • Long-term backup retention

SQL Server in Azure

AIM illustration

Part of the Azure SQL Family, Azure SQL Managed Instance is the intelligent, scalable, cloud database service.

  • PaaS benefits like no hardware purchasing and management, automated patching and version upgrade
  • Built-in high-availability with 99.99% uptime SLA, data protected with automated backups along with User-initiated backups which is not available in Azure SQL Database.
  • Security and compliance, isolated environment
  • Transparent data encryption (TDE)
  • Azure AD authentication, single sign-on support and also Azure AD server principals (logins)

Virtual Machine in Azure

SQL Server on Virtual Machine

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines enables you to use full versions of SQL Server in the cloud without having to manage any on-premises hardware.

  • Automated updates:SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines can use Automated Patching to schedule a maintenance window for installing important windows and SQL Server updates automatically.
  • Automated backups
  • High availability
  • Performance: Azure virtual machines offer different machine sizes to meet various workload demands. SQL Server VMs also provide automated storage configuration, which is optimized for your performance requirements.

Monitoring remote agent

Monitoring illustration

Cloud based
Remote monitoring software

  • Replication monitoring
  • Availability groups monitoring
  • Job & Backup monitoring
  • Phone app
  • Fine grained security settings
  • Unlimited users
  • Work as a team
  • Monitor multiple database networks